Does playing FIFA 17 make me better at football in real life?

Definitely not.


It can make you adept at tactics and good utilization of player’s skills. In other words, it could make you a better manager, IF YOU PLAY ONLINE and not against the bots.

I select a different formation for different teams. Say, I am playing with Bayern Munich, and I select Xabi Alonso as one of the midfielders, I know that he is extremely good at passing, but not that good with physical attributes like pace, stamina and strength. So, I try to get the ball to him, when he has some space. I either look for look the defence splitting pass to one of the runners, or a long lofted ball to my target man (Lewandowski in this case) or my wingers. I know for a fact that it is useless to dribble my way through midfield with Xabi Alonso, because there a high chance of losing possession.

If the other player is pressing extremely well and robbing me of possession, I substitute Alonso for Javi Martinez who has high interception. tackling and strength attributes.

If the other player is sitting back and thriving on counter attacks, I bring on Thiago Alcantara for quick passing and maneuvering through midfield. In both cases, Arturo Vidal will be my other central midfielder.

To be good at FIFA 17, you have to play to players strengths. You improve your understanding and tactics of the game. But, in no way it is going to make you a better football player in real life.


Football is a game of physical skill; it requires practice in order to develop the muscle memory, balance, coordination, etc. You can’t learn this from playing a computer game. That’s before you even get to other athletic attributes such as stamina and strength.

At the very most, it might give you an appreciation of tactics. But even that is probably stretching it.