Will Arsene Wenger stay in Arsenal for another season?

A new contract? He signed it, didn’t he?

Unabashed with the current spending scenario of capitalism and money-rich-money-spending clubs, he sticks to his ideologies of playing creative football, devoid of monetary imbalance and style. (PLAY > FINANCE)

Of course, trophies do matter – but when someone tries to achieve it, by using minimal and unnecessary expenditure while keeping the team unity and playing style intact – you’ve got to respect the guy!

He’s been around for almost a decade – and preemptively been managing the club even before the birth of half the noobs screaming for his ouster. It might sound absurd. But he’s old school, and has a penchant for developing footballers, to famous stars. He brings out the best from players who are quite unknown to the public eye (Lorent Koscielny, Alex Song, Aaron Ramsey, The Ox – to name a few).

Personally, being a part of the Arsenal Fan Base – right from India to the Americas, I got many chances to interact with fans who knew quite a lot, something; or nothing about the club.

And on a majority, the most senior fan-base – WANTED HIM TO STAY.

The reason? NOT because, he’s Old. NOT because they’ve seen his early glories, and certainly not because they know better due to age.

It was pretty simple. 8/10 of them – explained the thoroughness with which ARSENE WENGER analyzes each match before and after it is played, the RESPECT he has for each player (no matter who they are, or where they’re from), the LOYALTY he has for the club (Rejected enormous offers to manage Real Madrid & France), the FRIENDSHIP he shares with everyone on and off the field (Media included), and above all the LOVE for the game – the Arsenal way (For this, you would have to do a comprehensive research on how The Gunners play from the grass root level).

To be crisp and clear, he’s known as “Le Professeur” for a reason – a reason we as fans ought to understand. If we don’t, then its better we leave the analysis to the elders of the club ; or simple – Stop following Arsenal.

Cause, Arsenal is more than just a club & It’s something which all the other fans who’ve been supporting them since forever understood – and will always understand.

Gunner till you die.

I don’t know if he will, but I personally want him to, just for a single season.
With the changes in formation, and with thursday night football, the club is experiencing major changes(changes they have not seen for the past 2 decades). They need someone who knows the club inside out, rather than a new face. Also, we have been playing similar football over the last few years, with no new tactics, getting in the top 4 regularly and exiting from Cl in the round of 16. So I think that these new changes in the formation and type of competition Arsenal be playing in could be fruitful.

With some new signings, possibly a striker, a defender and a left wing back, and with a new competition, Arsenal could achieve something big next season. ( we’ve already seen what kind of football Arsenal plays with back -3 , and it’s interesting). So yes, Wenger should stay for a season or so to work on these changes and possibly add another silverware to the cabinet.

You have been seeing this all around the world that Wenger should be sacked.To be precise the infamous hash tag #WengerOut .

In reality, Wenger should stay for 3–4 yrs and in fact he will stay for atleast 2 years.He has the insider of the club and can rebuild the current team.It is difficult for a new manager to rebuild the squad for a big club like Arsenal.Look what happen at Manchester United for last 3–4 years.

I think for Arsenal fans , he should stay , rebuild the squad , bring any kind of glory , bring them back in Champions League and then leave once Arsenal gets a perfect long term replacement,on a higher note.

P.S – I am a die hard Manchester United Fan 🙂

I guess your question has been answered as Arsene Wenger just signed a contract extension till 2019

Arsene Wenger will easily stay in Arsenal Fc until he resign by himself, I love you.