How large is the grounds crew at Augusta National?

I have to admit this is a tough one.

After reviewing different sources, articles, interviews, videos and photos I came to the conclusion that Augusta National Golf Club has done a pretty good work keeping the secret on how (such as time, crew, equipment, resources and budget) they prepare, maintain and remodel the world’s most beautiful course and its surroundings including gardens, walkways, practice area, clubhouse and others.

In order to make a good estimate about the size of the crew first we have to divide the two periods in which the course serves its porpouse.

1.- The week of “The Masters” and

2.- The rest of the year.*

*In my experience in golf course management, i don’t even want to suggest that the rest of the year is a random, stress free work around the golf course, so im going to be very clear. To make Augusta National look the way it looks on and off TV, they need to work every day of the year, starting even the monday after “The Masters” ends, on specific details of the course, training, overseeding, seeding, irrigation, mods, etc. (down the answer i’ll explain then why it’s different from The Masters Week.)

1.- The Masters Week claims that Augusta National recruits 350 volunteers to organize parking lots, entrance, patrons and players traffic and noise, ropes, scoring and leaderboards.

Also other Golf Course Superintendents, Reporters and Visitors have seen about as much as 70 ground crew members dedicated to mowing, raking, blowing and cleaning the course and greens during the tournament. Since by just using your vision you cannot see the whole course from where you are im pretty sure the number is two times that.

As you can see on the image below, they have 20 people working on just ONE bunker. From which there are 13 volunteers -khaki pants and green shirts-. On the First image you can see also 16 Fairway mowers-operators working at once.

Also linkedin has a profile of Augusta National Golf Club which claims that they have between a 1000 and 5000 employees. But not everyone plays a role on the ground because someone has to work on offices, so we can make an estimate of about 50 workers in maintenance, cleaning, cart driving, supervision directly linked to the course and surroundings.

2.- The rest of the year.*

Having an estimate of the ground crew during the Masters week, we can take away the only help they will take -because they want- volunteers during the time between every tournament.

But because they spent the whole time between every Masters preparing the course, the crew that works in renovations and special assignments like, fertilizing, seeding, overseeding, repairs, irrigation, and experts should compensate the number of volunteers they have during the special week of the masters, probably reaching the 350 workers mark.


Finally i would estimate that the ground crew at Augusta National during Masters Week its about 550 EVERY DAY.