Do you think it’s wrong for someone to keep on scoring in the final seconds of a blowout game?

It’s all fun and games until you’re the one getting humiliated, and just wishing it would stop. Then it’s a violation of some unwritten honor code.

Raptor’s Demarre Carroll throws down windmill dunk while leading by 22 with less than two seconds left

Multiple three-point attempts late in blowout victories by the Wizards

It’s completely hypocritical for the Raptors and the Wizards to try to take some moral high ground on this particular issue. It’s also never acceptable to shove an opponent out of bounds (a deliberate foul that carries a definitely higher risk of injury) as Brandon Jennings did, or fight your opponents as the Raptors players did. That’s completely immature and unprofessional.

The objective rationale for this standard (not scoring late in blowouts) is that a made field goal stops the clock, extending the game for little reason. However, not taking a shot at all also stops the clock with a shot-clock violation, forcing the referees to take the ball out of bounds for the other team to put back in play at a specific spot under the referee’s direction, extending the game even more. And of course, if you take a shot to avoid this, there’s a very real chance it might go in – you shouldn’t expect an opposing player to intentionally miss a shot just so you can go lick your wounds that much sooner.

I could understand why someone might be a little upset with Carroll’s play; letting the 1.2 seconds run off the clock would let everyone get off the court and get some R&R a little earlier, and practicing your showboat dunks is a definite taunt. Kicking someone when they’re down is generally frowned upon in our society. But even that is not a big deal. I don’t understand why the Wizards would be at all unhappy with Javale McGee’s shot; the big man is a very poor outside shooter, and his three-point attempt was almost guaranteed to miss even by his own admission. If the Wizards want the blowout to end ASAP, this is the best case scenario for them.

In Australian (Rules) Football compassion is only reserved for junior football. In senior Australian (Rules) Football leagues position on the league table is determined by the number of wins and draws but in the case of the points awarded for those wins and draws being equal then the greater percentage determines the higher table position. This is common to many sports.

Thus easy off the pressure in a blowout game will affect your team’s percentage and possible position on the league table. Also, in Australian (Rules) Football it is possible to quickly turnaround large leads so strategically it is not wise to relax having the luxury of a large lead.

However if percentage is not an issue then thought could be given to resting important players prematurely which is also a good strategy.

It’s absolutely terrible sportsmanship. In the heat of the moment, the Raptors had every right to be mad. Imagine having a horrible day and then your friend keeps reminding you how horrible your day has been.

If you don’t like the score being run up on you in a blowout game, you have two options:

  1. Play defense and stop your opponent.
  2. Get into the WAHMBULANCE and go for surgery for your injured feelings.

No. No and no. I believe it is more insulting to your opponent if you play with less heart and intensity just because you are that much farther ahead in the score. You are basically saying to your opposition, “It’s over and we’re just gonna coast now and your team is lousy and not worth the effort.”  Getting blown out? It happens to every team from time. It’s part of sports.

Compete until the end. Score. Score. Score.