What is distinctive of Eastern European boxing/boxers?

Some Eastern European fighters (if orthodox) hold their left a few inches forward and use it to throw a shorter,faster jab and to parry and catch punches, often on the back foot. As well they tend to paw and hold their left to the face of an opponent kinda like an old straight arm to the facemask when running in football. This can help set up power shots or screw with the others rhythm. Vitaly and Wladmir had this trait, but many North American managers hate this as it can be anticipated and turned into a big right hook. As well not keeping your left tight can be capitalized by jabs coming at odd angles and/or catching the left quick, pushing it down and checking a quick punch to the face. Although for men like Klitchko brothers their freakish size makes this work well, unless you have an equally freakish sized opponent like Lennox who dosent have to punch up at you, or a Holyfield who will make you pay for every opening you show him. That’s why they sent those brothers to Kronk to see Emmanuel and get some Motown in their fight.

Great technique, power, excellent amateur style (many of them have 100–300 amateur fights), very well-trained and conditioned. A lot of in-and-out movements, rather than being constantly aggressive or constantly running away. Their posture is often more clean and straight up, rather than being hunched or super lazy posture (better for slickster defense and rolling).